Measure Your Wrist Size

Sigal Levi products are customized to your hand size for best look and feel.
Please follow this simple guide before specifying your size when you buy bracelets or watches.
For your convenience I use Small Medium and Large size ranges.
These  ranges suit the following wrist circumferences.

S:   14.5 cm <—>15.5 cm
M:  15.5 cm <—->16 cm
L:   17 cm <—->17.5 cm

Two closing snaps allow fine size adjustment within each of the selected size range.
(Closing both snaps provide the smallest size of the range.)

** If you need a size range that is not specified above, you can measure your wrist size using one of the following suggested methods below.

Method 1- Using a Measurement Tape

Use a standard measuring tape and wrap it on your wrist without taking spares (See image below).  I will take care for the required spare over the size you provide.
The correct size in the example case below is 6.1 Inches (15.5cm)

Measuring wrist size
Method 2- Wire and Ruler

Another simple alternative if you don’t have a measuring tape is to use a piece of wire wrapped across the wrist as shown in the image below.
Wrap the wire single turn on your wrist as shown and cut the wire (or mark the position of the complete turn with a marker on the wire).
Measure the length from beginning of the wire to the mark or cut wire. This is the correct size. Don’t take spares, I will take care of it so that it will perfectly suit your hand.
The wrist size in this example case is 6 Inches. (Which is in “S” range)

Measuring wrist using wire
Measuring wire length with ruller